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Just over 1,400 schools across the country are included in this analysis.

What is the Teaching Effect?

Just over 1,400 schools across the country are included in this analysis, which looks at the so-called teaching effect, ie the schools' ability to increase their pupils' grade point average in relation to the pupils' socio-economic back-ground.

Every year, the Ministry of Children and Education calculates the so-called socio-economic references for the Danish schools. These figures compare the students ‘performance with an expression of the students’ socio-economic background. The socio-economic background of the graduating students at the individual schools is translated here into an expression of expected grade performance at the final exams, given that the school gives the students an average academic boost in relation to a larger number of socio-economic characteristics. At some schools, the students achieve better graduation results than expected, and it can then be said that the school has a positive teaching effect. In other schools, the opposite is true.

The higher the number is above zero, the better the school is at developing students academically. If the number is less than zero, the students have not lived up to the expected development.

Some schools manage to lift students half a grade higher than one would expect, while others are half a grade below expectations. However, the vast majority of schools are between +0.3 and -0.3.

Source: CEPOS

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See a comprehensive technical account of the method for calculating the socio-economic reference figures.

InstitutionUETypeKommuneGennemsnitlig UE,
2015/2016 -
1Dyhrs Skole1,2FriskoleSlagelse1,1
3Osted Fri- og Efterskole1,1EfterskoleLejre-0,3
3Videbæk Kristne Friskole1,1FriskoleRingkøbing-Skjern0,55
3Selam Privatskole1,1FriskoleAarhus-0,2
7Herlev Privatskole1FriskoleHerlev0,85
7Nymarken Skole og Børnehus1FolkeskoleKerteminde0,45
7Ahi International School1FriskoleKøbenhavn#I/T
7Al Hikma Skolen1FriskoleKøbenhavn#I/T
7Nørre Aaby Realskole1FriskoleMiddelfart0,3

Source: CEPOS

InstitutionUETypeKommuneRang i
Gennemsnitlig UE,
2013/2014 -
1 Helsinge Realskole1,4PrivatGribskov10,9
2Brenderup og Omegns Realskole1,3PrivatMiddelfart11
3Dyhrs Skole1,2PrivatSlagelse10,75
4 DIA Privatskole1,1PrivatKøbenhavn11,25
5AHI International School1PrivatKøbenhavn21
5Iqra Privatskole1PrivatKøbenhavn20,75
5Skals Efterskole1EfterskoleViborg10,45
5Greve Privatskole1PrivatGreve10,7
10Frederiksberg Privatskole0,9PrivatRødovre10,75
10Hillerød Privatskole0,9PrivatHillerød1
10Krebs’ Skole0,9PrivatKøbenhavn40,5
10Nord-Vest Privatskole0,9PrivatKøbenhavn4
10Virum Skole0,9FolkeskoleLyngby-Taarbæk10,55

Source: CEPOS

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