AHI International School.

We strive to provide highest quality education, bridging your child's success with well formed infrastructure of knowledge and resources.


A place to learn and grow together

AHI International School is a Danish private school with students in all grade levels - from kindergarten to 9th grade. Schooling can be completed with the Folkeskole's Graduation Tests after 9th grade.

All teaching takes place in Danish.

AHI International School is a friendly, busy private school where what you already know means less than what you can learn and where horizons expand quickly by learning science subjects and new languages. This is also a place where habits are formed for life - i.a. flexibility, perseverance, curiosity and determination. Thinking is a part of every lesson and even philosophy becomes a part of everyday life.


International School

At AHI, you meet students and cultures from all over the world, and many languages are spoken.

5 World Languages

AHI values and celebrates cultural and linguistic diversity, i.e. through mother tongue teaching and a wide range of foreign languages.

Smart Classes

The students not only learn about the world, they learn from and with the world, which is right there with them in the class.

Non Smoking School

No forms of tobacco may be smoked or used during school hours, either on or off the school premises.

Student Council

The students are everyday experts. The student council is the students' opportunity to make an impact and be heard.

Financial Aid

Grants can be applied for for school and SFO. Guidance and application form are sent out every year in June.

Mother Tongue Education

AHI offers 2 hours of mother tongue tuition per week for bilingual children in one language that the child actively uses at home.

Green Smiley

AHI is proud to be certified with the Danish Working Environment Authority's green smiley. A signal to the outside world that we have order in our work environment.

Risk Management

The students at AHI have completed an evacuation exercise and thereby shown that they followed the locally prepared alarm and evacuation plans.

Skoleleder Erhan Yildiz

AHI is a wonderful place to work. My colleagues are smart, friendly and supportive. The school is well organized and efficient. But what makes me come back are the wonderful children I get to learn and learn from every day. They are in the right hands.

Erhan Yildiz

Head of School

AHI International School etableres.
Moved from Vesterbrogade 88 to Klingseyvej 8B.
Lande repræsenteret af over 1500 Studerende.
Students enrolled for school year 2020-2021
Small class size, between 15-20 students
Student to Teacher ratio 12 to 1
Over 80% of the faculty have Master's degrees or higher
Teaching faculty with 7 men and 10 women.

Quick Facts

Developing Successful Citizens -
Every Student, Every Day.

If you are considering sending your child to AHI International School, here are a handful facts which all prospective parents should know. The data and information provided here should answer most if not all of your major questions.

About 14% of all children at basic school level attend private schools. In 2008, approx. 91,000 children attended 510 private schools, while 590,000 pupils attended the municipal school, of which there are approx. 1600.
(Source: Ministry of Children and Education)

The Scandinavian Education System takes a holistic approach to education through combining academic learning and personal growth.

Since 1988, AHI has a proud tradition for providing a great learning environment.

AHI provides constant supervision and has zero-tolerance policies. No child wil ‘fall through the cracks’, hiding in the back of the class. The result of zero tolerance is that you can be assured that you are placing your children in a safe environment.

Even in tough economic times, AHI has made assisting families who want to send their children to our school a top priority in our budgets by offering generous financial aid. If you meet certain income guidelines, free education may be possible. Ask the school admin about financial aid.

Diversity rules at AHI. We proactively search for qualified candidates irrespective of socioeconomic circumstances.

Students are given the opportunity to explore their own cultural background against the backdrop of Danish culture and other cultures.

Life at AHI mirrors family life. Communal meals is but one valuable feature of our school education. Teachers sit with students developing close bonds.

AHI’s relatively small size allows students plenty of individual personal attention. Our small class sizes have low student-to-teacher ratios.

Teachers at AHI are well-qualified. We value teachers who have degrees in their chosen subject(s).

AHI offers an after-school care scheme (SFO) to our primary students on school days from 13:15, or after lesson time, until 16:00.

Sustainability teaches responsibility within the larger global community. Students at AHI compost waste food and grow some of their own vegetables. Carbon offsets are part of sustainability efforts too.

AHI Alumni

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“AHI is an excellent school. A truly excellent home for an all-round education… we could not wish for a better educational start in life for our children.”



Mother of Maryam

“Led by an excellent head of school, everyone involved in the school puts students' learning and development of new skills and understanding at the center of everything they do. The head of school's clear vision and passion, together with stimulating learning environment, ensures that students make good progress. As a result, they are well above average after 5th grade.”



Father of Ismail

Because you deserve to shine.

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