Code of Conduct

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Protection Hands

Good behaviour and discipline

At AHI, students and staff have a common and individual responsibility to act with common sense, trust and mutual respect within the framework of the community, so that everyone experiences a safe and good school day.

The Code of Conduct must be announced to the students immediately after the summer holidays and the Christmas holidays.

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Rules are designed for the safety of all children

All children are expected to give their best to the school and support the positive efforts of all its members. Rules are important for the benefit of everyone in any society, and we try to keep these as simple as possible, but we expect them to be kept. They are:


If the Head of School finds that a pedagogical reprimand is not a sufficient reaction towards a pupil who has disregarded the school's rules of general order and contact, sanctions may be imposed.

Only the head of the school or his / her deputy can sanction students who do not comply with the school’s rules of order. In particularly serious cases, students can be reported to the police, expelled or sent home immediately after the parents have been informed – students can be sent home for up to a week. Sanctions may otherwise consist of reprimand, warnings, repatriation or expulsion. The head of the school or his / her deputy assesses in each individual case what is an appropriate sanction based on an overall assessment of the character of the episode and the student’s situation.

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