Core Values

Fundamental beliefs

Protection Hands

Forging a brighter future

The school believes students learn best when they feel safe, valued and happy. Our staff is committed to providing an environment that nurtures personal growth and self-esteem. All members of the school community have rights and responsibilities and these are best ensured when agreed procedures are accepted and followed. The students are developing appropri-ate ways to interact with others. The school and its community share the responsibility to assist students in learning appropriate behaviours.

Student learning is fostered in an environment that promotes success and is concerned with the welfare of every student. Students develop a positive attitude towards learning and a feeling of self-worth as they are encouraged to view themselves as being competent and responsible. It is their happiness, development and acceptance of themselves as people of worth, together with the acquisition of understandings and skills that will assist them to take part in their wider community.

AHI International School should be appreciated by

  • Pupils
  • Parents
  • Teachers

Common rules

At AHI International School, students, parents and teachers are partners who set mutual expectations and demands.

We collaborate on the following values:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Responsibility
  3. Respect
  4. Confidence
  5. Presence
  6. Commitment
  7. Resources


Thumbs Up








At AHI International School, we work professionally and systematically with competence development, which provides the best possible academic prerequisites for solving everyday tasks in a free school in modernity.

Students experience that we perform our tasks and fulfill our teacher roles competently. Based on the students’ needs and with an eye for student differentiation, we work purposefully to create the best possible coherence and teaching quality in all phases of a school course.



At AHI International School, teachers are entrusted with the greatest possible responsibility. The teaching staff makes independent decisions based on the academic standards, in the students’ current position and in regard to cultural differences, the parents’ wishes as a whole.

The students experience having co-responsibility and influence on the teaching, learning and school processes.



At AHI International School, we listen to eachother and find common solutions. We show interest, empathy and friendliness across professional and cultural differences and respect eachother’s professional assessments.

Students and teachers are part of a partnership based on equality, empathy, flexibility and tolerance.



At AHI International School, we know that security comes from credibility. We take the initiative to create a high level of knowledge by further training our teachers and by sharing insights and experiences.

The students experience from the first day of school is that here you can be yourself and feel safe. The teachers are welcoming, competent and, above all, well-prepared.



At AHI International School, we work consciously to create a physical and good working environment where we are present.

The students perceive us as attentive and stable. We are perceived as visible, accessible and with a direct, friendly and informative contact to the students and their parents.



At AHI International School, we are convinced that development and results follow from an active approach to our jobs and our work tasks. We are able to look at everyday life with curiosity and still want to develop new skills and methods.

The students experience that we at the school focus on creating an optimal school process. Teachers show flexibility and like to do things differently if it can result in better schooling for students.



At AHI International School, we are aware of our framework and prioritize resources in accordance with the school’s statutes, the school board’s decisions and the direction of management. We do not hesitate to offer colleagues help and neither to ask for their help, to make things succeed with greater success.

Students and parents meet a teaching staff who are aware of resources and who are happy to inform about necessary priorities.

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